Saving the world’s energy, one home at a time: Kettle & Oak and ComEd’s dynamic partnership in Chicago

November 16, 2023

In the heart of Chicago, a city known for its iconic skyline and vibrant energy, the intersection of innovation and sustainability is reshaping the landscape of property management. Kettle & Oak, a leading property management company, has forged a groundbreaking partnership with ComEd, the local electric utility provider, to bring energy-saving technologies into the everyday lives of both landlords and tenants. This collaborative effort is not only transforming apartment buildings but also making a significant impact on the environment and the wallets of those who call Chicago home.

  1. Smart Plugs: A Plug-and-Play Approach to Efficiency

Kettle & Oak (project lead Iraj), in collaboration with ComEd’s Multi-Family Energy Savings Program, is spearheading the installation of smart plugs and other energy saver devices in apartment buildings across Chicago properties we manage. These intelligent devices empower tenants and landlords alike by providing a seamless solution to manage and optimize energy usage. By controlling the power supply to various appliances remotely, residents can reduce unnecessary energy consumption and enjoy the convenience of a more energy-efficient living space.

  1. Aerators: Flowing Towards Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, and Kettle & Oak recognizes the importance of responsible water management. Through the installation of aerators in faucets and showerheads, the partnership with ComEd is encouraging water conservation in every drop. These devices not only reduce water usage but also contribute to lower energy bills by minimizing the energy required to heat water, making sustainable living both accessible and cost-effective.

  1. Smart Thermostats: The Intelligence Behind Comfort and Savings

Smart thermostats have become a cornerstone of energy-efficient living, and Kettle & Oak is ensuring that Chicago residents benefit from this technology. By integrating smart thermostats into apartment buildings, tenants can effortlessly control the climate in their homes, while landlords enjoy the cost savings associated with optimized heating and cooling. This partnership with ComEd is redefining the standard for comfortable and energy-conscious living in the Windy City.

Free devices offered via the partnership program to one of our landlords and the tenants
  1. Smart Water Showerheads: Transforming Daily Routines for a Sustainable Future

In an effort to revolutionize water usage, Kettle & Oak, in collaboration with City of Chicago Water Department, is introducing smart water showerheads. Equipped with sensors to monitor temperature and flow, these devices encourage residents to be mindful of their water consumption during showers. This not only promotes environmental responsibility but also contributes to a reduction in energy expenditure for water heating, aligning with the commitment to a greener Chicago.

  1. LED Bulbs: Illuminating Savings and Sustainability

Lighting the way to a more energy-efficient future, Kettle & Oak is replacing traditional bulbs with LED alternatives in apartment buildings across the city. By embracing this technology, tenants benefit from longer-lasting, energy-efficient lighting, while landlords witness a significant reduction in electricity bills. This commitment to sustainable lighting solutions is an integral part of Kettle & Oak’s mission to create greener, more cost-effective living spaces in Chicago.


The collaboration between Kettle & Oak, ComEd, the City of Chicago, landlords, and tenants represents a pioneering approach to property management, one that prioritizes energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings. Through the installation of smart plugs, aerators, smart thermostats, smart water showerheads, and LED bulbs, this dynamic partnership is not only transforming apartment buildings in Chicago but also setting a precedent for a more sustainable urban future. By embracing innovation and environmental responsibility, Kettle & Oak is demonstrating that the power to make a positive impact lies in the hands of both landlords and tenants, united in their commitment to a greener, more efficient Chicago.