Calling all Landlords

Whether you live in Chicago, California, New York, Florida or Dubai, we have people, tech and processes in place to manage your rental investment property.

Tenant Support via call, text, email, and in-person visit

Service request/maintenance team available 9AM to 6PM Mon-Sat with emergency backup team available 24/7/365 with before and after photos/videos

Vacant unit professional photos and video tour for listing and advertising – no extra fees!

Vacant unit leasing with rock-solid paperwork with 97.27% occupancy rate (most units get rented within 30 days)

*One month leasing commission applies

Detailed scope of work for inspections, turnovers (make-ready) and construction

*make-ready/turnover costs apply

Tenant screening 27-point tenant screening (criminal, FICO score, income verification, sex offender check, previous landlord verification, and more)

*tenant pays $45 fee

Multiple rent payment options for tenants via CashApp, Zelle, credit card, money order, cashier’s check, ACH, retail cash pay (at CVS, Walmart, 7-Eleven) and in-person cash pickup

Tenant evictions and court paperwork + sheriff coordination

*attorney and court fees applies (average $2000/eviction)

Cash-for-Keys program administration

*’cash offer’ funds to tenant to be paid by landlord

Web portal and easy-to-use smartphone app for tenants makes it a breeze to pay rent and submit maintenance requests

Professional rent collection team with 95%+ rent collection average

High rent balance collection program; best-in class rent collection team with 10+ years of experience

*5% of outstanding balance collected fee applies

Automatic annual rent increase request to get the maximum value from rental properties

“3AM Service” available for emergency tenant or property issues (fire, etc)

Highest industry-leading data encryption + privacy for owner’s personal and financial data

Owner reporting and dashboard via online portal plus detailed analytics available on-demand 24/7

Dedicated WhatsApp group for communications and approvals – a popular feature with international landlords/owners

Automated Owner rent-transfers via ACH on the 20th of each month

Chicago Housing Authority (and other HA) paperwork submission and management

15+ years experts in city and housing authority inspections — including scope of work, coordination, paperwork, and more

Property Landscaping and snow-clearing

*Average $35/cut or $50/snow clearing. Subject to change based on property.

Clearouts and junk removal

*billable service based on each job

Rebate program management for owners by utility companies

Respond to all communications from city or third-parties regarding property

Property management contracts are month-to-month (no long-term contracts; cancel anytime)

Emergency rental assistance and other government subsidies applied on landlord’s behalf

Kettle & Oak’s team and management give me the confidence to relax in the knowledge that all is well. Kettle & Oak service is excellent and we find them responsive to our needs while being professional and reliable in the management of our property.
Hussain Mandviwala

Mandvi LLC

A strong community partner

We have distributed more than 1000+ meals in South Side Chicago, assisted with entrepreneurship and job/resume preparation, donated clothes and furniture, and assisted with cleanliness drives

Build better relationships with your tenants

Kettle & Oak helps you as a landlord appear more thoughtful and responsive.

Intelligent call center

Our incoming and outgoing calls are based on routing rules, historical service ticket data, rent balances and other metrics for an on-point conversation.

Answer questions with data

We make better decisions and provide better support using in-depth analytics, and predictive analysis of tenant’s behaviors and data points (demographics, social media, neighborhood crime statistics, and more).

Human element

House calls, birthday wishes, gift cards, BBQs, and community involvement (like job coaching, resume preparation, free meals, etc) make the tenant-landlord bonds stronger.

Property health monitoring

Periodic health checks of furnaces, appliances, water leaks, roofs, electrical, plumbing and other key elements ensure that your property is taken care of proactively. IoT sensors, QR-coded asset tracking and maintenance logs, and drone mapping are a few examples of how Kettle & Oak ensures healthy diagnostics and care.

Questions? We got you.

Check out our FAQ and video for a full overview of our services and approach

Best management company in the Chicago Land area! Lowest rates and always on top of everything! You won’t regret it!
Abdul Ghaffar

Ghaffar Properties

National and international investor program

Whether you just bought a building in Chicago or are thinking of investing in a Chicago property, Kettle & Oak can help navigate the complex process

We help you with your property investment criteria based on capital, leverage, time horizon, expected return, and risk preferences to match your investing goals.

We identify properties, submit offers, review in-depth property evaluations, calculate costs for initial fix-up and ongoing expenses, develop rehab proposals, and assist in ownership transition.

We guide you through the rehab process from start to finish in order to maximize property value and attract tenant prospects quickly while planning for future maintenance needs.

We help secure qualified tenants and ensure consistent rental income while minimizing headaches.

We assist you in registering a LLC (Limited Liability Company), setup a bank account and transfer funds to the USA (for international investors) through our partner programs.

We work with qualified attorneys, realtors, inspectors, and maintenance crew to ensure everything is done to the highest standards.

We provide photos, videos, PDFs and a digital folder for your records and transition.

We represent you every step of the way including being your eyes, ears, and “boots  on the ground”.

USA immigration options (green card aka permanent residency) are available for qualified investors from anywhere in the world.